Here They Go Again!

Two years ago I described Frontwave Credit Union’s call for members to serve as elected directors.  The result was ten candidates running for three open board spots.

The members had a 30-day window to vote online or to turn in written ballots at a branch. When voting the members were able to post comments about the election procedures. Here is one:

“The voting process is great reading all candidates listed in the process I didn’t know them, but by reading their bio gave me an idea of what they are all about. love it.”

The entire nomination and voting experience was an eyeopener for the credit union’s leadership, especially the backgrounds and motivation of members wanting to serve.

The Year’s Update

This week I received the credit union’s third quarter Briefing newsletter.   In  CEO Bill Birnie’s Notes column was the following paragraph.

If you’re interested in making an impact on Frontwave’s future, consider applying for nomination to our Board of Directors. You know that feeling when you’ve got a great idea that could make something better? Here’s your chance to bring your ideas to life and make a real difference in the future of our credit union.

There was a special “call out” link in the newsletter with a similar invitation  headlined Calling All Fighters:

Are you ready to make an impact on our credit union? Here’s your chance! We’re on the lookout for active Members who are eager to play a role in shaping the future of our credit union. If this sounds like you, why not apply for a nomination to join our Board of Directors?

When you check the learn more link this comes up:

Our members make great leaders

Our Board isn’t made up of a group of faceless executives in glass offices. Instead, they’re all Frontwave members, just like you. They volunteer, you elect them, and they don’t get paid a penny. Their mission is to set the overall direction of the credit union and make sure it operates in the best interest of its members. So what have these folks been up to lately? Take a look at our 2022 annual report

Want to join this amazing group of volunteers? We’re looking for a few good folks to join our crew.

Then here’s how to get involved.

Open Positions:

Board of Directors: THREE positions with 3-year terms

If you are an active member and are interested in applying for nomination, you are invited to submit an application by clicking the “Apply for Nomination” button below and completing all required documents.

Three Months for Receiving Applications

The credit union makes the process transparent, public and easy to follow.   There are four documents that anyone can read and complete on line.  One is the Statement of Responsibilities for either Board or Supervisory Committee Member.

The Member Application, Statement of Consent (to the responsibilities of the position) and Conflict of Interest (yes or no checkbox for seven potential conflicts) must be filed by September 29, 2023.

The nominee then hits the submit button to forward the completed documents to the Nomination Committee.

A Cooperative Democratic Election

I have seen no more transparent, public and accountable  election process.  The credit union:

Actively seeks member participation;

Provides clear and easy to complete forms if interested;

Allows time for interested persons to learn more to decide whether to throw their hat in the ring.

This is an example of cooperative democracy in action.  Members are the foundation of every credit union’s resilience. The elected board is the connection to ensure the members’ voice is heard.

The clarity and simplicity of the process is heartening. Seeing this leadership approach  inspires confidence in Frontwave’s and its members’ futures together.

If every credit union election were as straight forward  as this $1.4 billion and 122,000 member coop’s, the entire  system could be reenergized.


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