A Person Who Lived the Credit Union Mission


Yesterday A Celebration of Life  was held for Betina Buscemi.  Two notes from her obituary capture the essence of her special purpose devoted to others.

“Tina was a passionate advocate for equality and human rights. She devoted her time to serving the underserved.

“She has volunteered for countless organizations in the community including Kettering Volunteer Advisory Council, Kettering Cities of Service Committee, Montgomery County Reentry Collaborative, CANE/Collaboration Against Abuse Neglect and Exploitation (Seniors), Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce and several other local Chambers of Commerce. Tina was a mother to two wonderful children.”

Her professional home was as Business Development Manager with Day Air Credit Union where she worked for the past 17 years.

The following is CEO Bill Burke’s tribute sent to all the credit union’s employees. (used with permission)


As you know, Bettina Buscemi passed away very late Tuesday afternoon.  Bettina was a remarkable person.  Huge heart.  Irrepressible spirit.  Limitless passion for Day Air Credit Union.  Always a positive, energizing presence.

We are a very tight-knit group here at Day Air.  Losing someone who is an integral part of the team hurts.  Hurts a lot.  Our culture is one of putting people first and we’re all now coming together to support each other.

For now, let’s just think of Bettina and her family (significant other Don Crosthwaite, son John in Columbus, and daughter Annie in New Zealand).  When I spoke with Don, he passed on a statement that Bettina made to him many times – “you have a job but I have a lifestyle.”  He described how much Bettina loved Day Air, its people, its culture and how her position at the Credit Union allowed her to do what she loved most – to contribute to the well-being of the people of our community – to help people.

Face of the Credit Union

Bettina was an integral part of the Day Air team for over 17 years.  As our Business Development Manager, she was the face of the Credit Union to so many in our community (including key member groups, the Dayton Area Chamber of Commerce, at least four other smaller Chambers in the area, city and township administrations where our branches are located, so many non-profits and civic organizations, etc.).

She led the Credit Union’s efforts to support the Montgomery County re-entry program.  I’ll never forget her pitching that idea to me.  At first I thought it was crazy but she had so much conviction about it … turns out we helped a lot of people get back on their feet after serving time.

She was on countless boards including one (the Oasis House, a non-profit that supports women victims of sexual exploitation and trauma), that literally sent her notice of her appointment to that board on Wednesday.

She was laser-like focused on the community in which we live, work and play.  Not only did she serve on so many boards and committees, she constantly promoted Day Air to anyone who would listen to her.  As if she would ever let anyone not listen to her (let that sink in and  smile….).  I can’t remember how many times she referenced her days at 5/3 and Huntington with that smile of hers while shaking her head, then compared that to her time here at Day Air while beaming.

I’m sorry to be conveying such sad news.  The team at Day Air is very tight – and Bettina was an extraordinary teammate (it’s hard to be using the past tense here….) who lived the Day Air mission.  Her irrepressible spirit was contagious and I, for one, commit to press forward with that very same irrepressible spirit.

Thank you Bill and the Day Air team for sharing her exceptional life  for others with the credit union community.  Her mission continues with each remembrance.


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