Notes from the Field

The notes below are from  three CEO’s monthly staff updates to all employees.  All report excellent financial results with above plan loan growth and strong earnings. The  comments illustrate these credit union leader’s efforts to reinforce their distinctive cultures.

Taking Care of Employees: Stimulus Checks and Health Care at WPCU

Thank you to all the people who expressed their gratitude with an email, a handwritten note or a thank you in the hallway. The management team was thrilled to do this for all our Partner-employees and the myCU experts. Though I want to make sure I remind you that every dollar we paid out in the stimulus check (and every other dollar WPCU spends) comes from the members – and that is why it’s so essential to take better care of members than anyone else does.

CREDIT UNION RECOGNITION: I am excited to share that WPCU has once again been named one of the healthiest employers in Ohio by Healthiest Employers®. Since 2009, Healthiest Employers has been the leading recognition program for employer wellness. Healthiest Employers has over 10,000 employers from all 50 states, including 72% of the Fortune 100.


A Credit Union Member Story from WEOKIE

Ms. Member came into the credit union to speak with a mortgage loan officer about how she could consolidate her debt to make ends meet each month. Ms. Member stated that she is 79 years old and still has 23 years left on her mortgage. Due to the economy, she is unable to make ends meet each month. She got very emotional and told me there are times when she eats very little to make sure all bills are paid. I told her I would take good care of her and look at all her options.

She told me she wanted to consolidate all debts, if possible, into one monthly payment. We added up all debt payments totaling $1879. She only receives $3000 total a month between social Security and retirement. After reviewing all the products Ms. Member settled on the low-cost 15yr fixed. I was able to shave eight years off her mortgage and put $970 back into her pocket each month. Not to mention we closed her loan the last day of the month therefore, she was able to skip September. So that’s an additional $909 (the new mortgage) in her pocket. I told her to go enjoy a steak dinner with her grandson, who she talked about every time we met.

Partnering with local nonprofits.

The WEOKIE Foundation is proud to be partnering with two new local nonprofit organizations. One organization called NorthCare works with the community to recover from mental illness, substance use, and trauma. They have 400 awesome employees in multiple facilities and have asked our team to assist their employees with their finances by providing education, tools, and 1:1 counseling. We kicked off the program the last week of August with a presentation to their staff and have many other future events planned.

Another group that we are working with is ReMerge, a local nonprofit offering a second chance to women battling trauma, poverty, and incarceration. We’ll be working to assist these women as they rebuild their lives in regards to their finances.

We have many exciting things planned for both nonprofit groups and look forward to helping our community with some practical tools to improve their financial lives. Both of these nonprofits are doing amazing work in our community. The Foundation is honored to be assisting with more than just monetary donations.

Connecting with a 90Year Old Former NCUA Mentor.

Kim and I were able to travel to Palm Springs last week to celebrate the 90th Birthday of a long-time mentor and friend Hap Blaisdell. Hap was an early mentor to me and is recognized as the “father” of the Student Credit Union movement while serving as Executive Assistant to then NCUA Vice Chair Elizabeth Burkhart. Hap eventually became my “first hire” as the Executive Director of the Campus Credit Union Council (CCUC) when I served as its chair. Hap has been “uncle Hap” to thousands of young credit union leaders over the years. The occasion also facilitated a new friendship for Kim and I with Georgetown Student Credit Union Alumni Peter and his wife Agnes.

See Harry Blaisdell’s role 1986 in this blog on student-run credit unions in a New York Times story.


Employee Appreciation Event

It was a little hot Sunday but there were clear skies as about half the Day Air team and their families came out to Day Air Ballpark for the Associate Appreciation event.  The Credit Union is once again having a “best year ever” so there’s a lot to recognize and appreciate.  A good time was had by all, especially by the little ones.  Thank you to everyone on the team for living the mission and making a difference in the lives of our members each and every day.

Member Feedback on the Net Promoter scores of 1 through 10.

  1. Ten is for everything I have ever needed help with was taken care of. Things were taken care of quickly and done right. Also day air saved my family; my car didn’t work anymore. I was in a bad time in life and needed a new car like an emergency. I went in to get a loan with not very good credit. Day air helped and gave me a loan and changed my life forever. I will forever be greatful.
  2. Many times you have helped me during a financial crisis

A Member note.

“When i came in to open my personal and business accounts I had a problem with my tax# and Palisha Boyd was great she was patient with me and she navigated me through the process to get my tax# straight. I was so grateful that’s what I would tell anyone who I refer to dayair. Something else I love about dayair is that you have a relationship with re-entry people trying to get their lives back after incarceration.”

Keeping in touch with state legislators.

I met with State Rep Andrea White last week. She left very impressed with all that Day Air is doing in the areas of home ownership affordability, financial literacy, and supporting the local economy.  She was receptive to and will likely support several bills endorsed by credit unions, including county recorder modernization and residential PACE loans.  She was interested in the history behind the public funds issue (credit unions are prohibited from accepting public funds in Ohio) and requested information that led other states to move in favor, which will be provided to her.

Supply Chain Issues.

The HVAC system in the suite level of Day Air Ballpark is operating at 50% capacity and replacement units aren’t available for 30 weeks due to supply chain issues.


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