A Credit Union Archetype

Last Wednesday (February 16)  in their 2021 yearend industry analysis Trend Watch, Callahan & Associates included a 12 minute case study of  a credit union’s strategic transformation.

The CEO’s presentation  was one of the most concise, informative and inspiring I have experienced.

He describes this effort as a two-phased journey. The second phase transformed the  credit union’s performance  on three critical dimensions:  purpose, scale and financial performance.

The final slide shows how this strategic approach is both powerful and inherent in credit union design.

Please listen now.


My Reaction

Everyone will listen from their singular perspective.  Takeaways may be different.  I would add two thoughts to ones you may have.

The first: a good example can be very contagious.

It’s hard to get a feel for the cooperative difference until we have met a person grounded in that effort.    When we see purpose enacted, we become more purpose driven. When we learn the impact of values on employees and community, we become more value centered. When we hear someone discern clearly, we become clearer about our own metrics. 

Secondly, powerful communication is more than a good story.  It requires radical transparency.  No topic is off limits. There is respect for differing views when values shared by all become the focus of common effort.

Clearwater’s results validate its vision, What We Believe.

Together, we own

Together, we empower

Together, we include

Together, we matter

Examples matter.  Good examples inspire more. Great ones are rare.

They reawaken us to what can be accomplished- together.


PS: This post from October 2021 tells the story of Clearwater’s role assisting the refugee community coming to the community.

One Photo, Hearts on Fire, a Credit Union and Community Respond to a Vital Human Need

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