A Truly Moving Mission

The CEO’s message for the virtual annual meeting in this COVID time opened with a mission statement:

“Our mission is to look for solutions that will take us all to the other side and be better for the changes we’ve made along the way.”

The word that jumped out is ALL. Not mostly everyone, or just the fortunate ones. ALL will make it to the other side of this dual health and economic disruption.

And we’ll be better for it.

A Visual Expression: In this Together

Sometimes a picture captures meaning more powerful than words. I believe a wonderful example of this CEO’s mission is expressed in this 50 second news report . It shows over 250 Amish men, dressed in black, lifting together, and then walking a barn by hand to a new site. All in less than five minutes.

The Cooperative Mission

Might the credit union outcome from this pandemic be nothing less than to become America’s Premier Public Financial-Health System?Isn’t this the mission we were created for? Will we lift all our members so that everyone makes it to the other side?

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