Bethesda’s Christmas North Pole

St. John’s Episcopal Church, Norwood Parish, has sponsored an Opportunity Shop since the early 1950’s.

All the merchandise is donated by the public.  The employees are volunteers.  The entire net income is donated to local charities.

The shop attracts items that are unusual, in good shape and often  found nowhere else.  Most are  inexpensive.  Christmas items will be 50% off on Friday and 75% on Saturday.

A simple sign for a community resource

The shop offers all manner of gifts: CD’s, books, clothing/shoes, kitchen and tableware, jewelry, dozens of framed paintings/prints, electronics and lamps, and collector’s items such as carved wooden sculptures.   The examples below are only for Christmas-themed items.

A collection of dolls

Three kings amid serving dishes

A holiday wall quilt

Rabbit and cat dolls

A clothes tree full of stockings

Cookie tins

A multi tiered creche–one of many different nativity creations

Father Christmas dressed for winter-in different garments

Small toys upon toys

Momma Claus

I’m off to shop now!  And if you are sceptical as to whether commerce and Christmas can co-exist, here is an example from Germany.


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