A Leadership Example

What does a leader do when something goes awry in an organization?

Some will keep the event quiet, trying to handle the problem privately.  Others will revise an organization’s manual about how to handle such situations.  Some will go public saying the incident has been addressed and will not happen again.

These and other responses are reasonable, but are they sufficient?   Is the organization’s leadership more trusted or effective?

One of the most difficult challenges is when members violate the values of an organization.

Five years ago this was a leader’s response at the United States Air Force Military Academy  when confronted with an incident.

No viewer of this five minute address will question the ideas presented:  replace a bad idea with a better one; if you do not agree with this, then you do not belong; practice civil discourse; or the power of diversity.

The Power of a Public Commitment

But what makes this situation different from many is that the “CEO” goes public, placing his leadership on the line.

Transparency is the most critical component for an organization’s leadership especially if they aspire to be democratic, serve the public or just be respected.

Watch and learn.  The next time you want to make  a lasting point, tell the audience to Reach for your Phones!



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