What Would a “Prophet” Say to Credit Unions Today?

What were credit unions organized to do and to be?

Answering that never-ending question can be expressed as a vision or mission statement.  Sometimes the answer is a labelled a “calling.”  How does a coop know if it is fulfilling its destiny?

The Prophet’s Role

“The work of prophets is to warn, to warn people of the inevitable consequences of their foolish or immoral actions. It will be the end of the world as you know it, the prophets say, unless you rethink your current assumptions, values, and priorities, unless you become ready to change your way of life. Usually, the people don’t listen. “  (Adapted from Brian McLaren, “Weeping and Lamentation”)

April is Earth Month.  Tomorrow is EarthDay. One of the most well known prophets of our planet’s future is profiled in this documentary.


Prophets warn us, but many times few listen; when the inevitable consequences come, that is how a movement can be reborn.  Or else absorbed into the status quo.

Is there anyone with this gift in your credit union?  In the movement?   How would we recognize them?  Or are they just seen as trouble-makers?





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