REAL Credit Union Stories

The stories we tell create our history.  They capture what is valued and honored.  They portray want we want to remember as individuals,  within an organization, or for a movement.

No two stories are identical for persons or firms.  Added together they are a kaleidoscope of what  credit unions have become and likely paths to the future.

Blogging is storytelling.  Today’s examples are from Day Air in Dayton, Ohio. They were selected by the CEO in his monthly update to  his team. The examples illustrate the credit union’s singular culture.

Using Stories

The CEO’s introduction: There were 25 service story nominations in December, bringing the total for the year to 232, just shy of the record set in 2021.  Please keep your eyes open to good news stories happening around the Credit Union – there are a lot of them….  Help us share those stories in 2023.

The Service Example

Palisha was commended five times this month by various members or associates. One of those comments included: “Palisha was very helpful and explained everything very well. She also gave me tips to help build my credit which I found out I was doing all wrong thanks to her.”

Partnering in the Community

We partner with various non-profits in the community.  One is the Artemis Center, which assists victims of domestic violence.  Their executive director sent this letter last week: 

My name is <redacted> and I am an active participant in Artemis support group.

I was never involved in the finances in my almost 25 year marriage. I knew nothing about loans, money, mortgages or credit. My credit had been destroyed during my divorce. 

An advocate at Artemis referred me to Day Air. Not only did they (Day Air) take the time to help and explain to me what I needed to do with my finances but how to achieve them. For someone that was significantly financially abused for years, the help from Day Air has made a huge difference and impact in my life. 

As a single mom I am almost to the place where I am going to be able to get a home mortgage but would not be at this place if it was not for the referral to Day Air.

For people that have been significantly affected by Domestic Violence, this is such a huge relief to have businesses that are willing to help others in this situation. I just needed someone to give me a chance and guide me in the process of becoming independent. This will enable me to provide for myself and my children.

Thank you so much for partnering with organizations and businesses such as Day Air Credit Union.”    

Another Partnership: Trinity Success Story

We typically see success stories from Trinity Credit Management that result from associate’s referrals of members.  The following was the result of a member finding Trinity through our website.

“this was an outstanding outcome……$31,300.00 on 4 credit cards……26.1% interest we reduced to 7.2%……original monthly payment $1,112.28 (only $324.00 was applied to principal!!!!)….new payment down to $854.00 and this couple is on track to being paid in full at least 15 months sooner saving about $20,000.00…….”

This organization does great things negotiating on member’s behalf to reduce credit card debt.

The CEO’s Message

Mutually owned financial cooperatives and CDFIs (and Day Air Credit Union is both) play a tremendous role in the economic vitality of communities around the world.  The impact is measured in the number of loans made and number of people served, but also in many other, intangible ways. 

A mortgage or home improvement loan helps improve the quality of housing and can bring stability to a community.  A car loan or a car repair loan can be the difference in a single parent being able to get to work or take children to daycare or school.

A personal loan can help people avoid predatory payday lenders.  A small business loan can create job opportunities that improves the standard of living of the business owner, the small company’s employees as well as benefit its patrons. 

All of us at Day Air Credit Union represent the “George Bailey” (from the movie It’s a Wonderful Life)  in the lives of those who we help and serve.  Thank you for being part of someone bigger than each of us; a part of something that greatly contributes to the very fabric of our community; a part of something that really makes a difference in people’s lives. 

REAL Stories

These are REAL credit union stories to lead us into the New Year.   Daily we will read numerous reports and publicity about many cooperative’s milestones, and even sometimes, endgames.

The critical factor for each reader will be to discern for him/herself what is a REAL credit union accomplishment, or merely an event touted by “a credit union in name only.”

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