Grace Notes

In music a grace note is a quick, optional note that the musician can play or sing, to add more color to the line.

While not essential to the harmony of the piece, it adds an unexpected ornamentation. And brief moment of beauty.

Grace notes occur in all areas of life.  Yesterday’s 65 degree temperature in the middle of winter, is a  grace note from nature.

An Employee’s Grace Note

At some point, all of us have seen or experienced  unexpected examples of pure kindness.

From the CEO’s Monthly staff update: “Weokie Credit Union partners with the Community Impact Fund to help members in need over the holidays.  It raised over $1,700 and adopted 14 families representing 33 individuals this season. Team members were asked to contribute and/or nominate an employee they wanted to assist.

All the recipients are anonymous, but the CIF received some messages from those  we were able to help.”

From his memo, this response struck me as an especially gracious one by an employee surprised by this unexpected gift:

This is so sweet!! I was not expecting this at all! I’m assuming someone nominated me? I’m not sure. I’m happy to let the other people who were nominated get a little extra if you would rather give it to them!

If you do want to send me the gift, just know I will use it to bless other families! Thank you for all you are doing to make the world a better place! We need more people like you!

We do indeed need more people like this person who believes it is more blessed to give than to receive.  A grace note of gentleness and kindliness.


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