Climate Change at Home

Recently our electricity company informed me that this month’s average temperature was 3 degrees warmer than the same period  one year ago.

The New York Times asked in a recent article Why Hasn’t It Snowed Yet in New York City? The lead pointed out that this is the longest stretch of winter without snow since 1973.  Plenty of rain. No Snow. City residents can still travel upstate to Buffalo if they long for a real snow storm.

Here is what this time of winter used to look like here  at home in Bethesda.

Earlier this month some of my plants took an early peek to see what was going on.

The daffodils are now 3-4 inches high.

Hyacinths are poking their budding heads up.

Scottish heather is blooming early, normally it waits till February.

The neighbor’s forsythia is trying to catch up as well.

And even my early summer red poppy plant is making an appearance:

All I can say is that it is good I’m not a skier.  Here is a picture of a popular slope in Europe last week:

More rain today.  Temperature 45 degrees.  I’ll just have to content myself with memories from 2022.

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