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  1. Hi Chip,
    I’m curious as to how you believe we are losing our democracy? I’m financially very conservative and socially liberal. Neither party really suits me well and both have absolutely abhorrent people on their fringes but clearly you’re inferring that voting for republicans would cause this to happen. Why do you think this rhetoric is helpful? Why not instead come out and say vote for democrats because you believe in their policies and give some examples as opposed to unfounded fear mongering.
    In many ways, I believe that democracy is thriving in the country as more people are becoming engaged on topics they used to not care about and voting in record numbers. It is statements like yours (via Dean Obeidallah – who is as awful a person on the left as Marjorie Taylor Greene is on the right) that make me question whether you’re a serious thinker anymore.
    Anyway, just my 2 cents and maybe not worth that..

  2. From a reader:

    Inflation is not temporary when one party rule passes bill after bill throwing money everywhere with no accountability to where it goes. Democracy will indeed end if we stay on our current path. The fact that we can still go to the polls shows that our democracy is still working.

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