Two Suggestions for Giving Tuesday

I am sending donations to  the following 501C3’s organizations this Giving Tuesday.

While the demands for charitable giving may seem endless, identifying special circumstances or organizations in need today, is an expression of gratitude.  Gratitude makes us human.

Music Mission Kiev

Founded in the early 1990’s by a Presbyterian choir director, the intent was to introduce forbidden choral classics of the Western repertoire to the classically trained musicians upon Ukrainian independence from the former Soviet Union.

The group performed the first Messiah concert ever in Ukraine.

Their mission expanded to offer care for widows and orphans and bible studies.

Their efforts today are literally on the front lines.  One orphanage was occupied by Russian troops until liberation.

Their funding request today is: On Tuesday we will raise $21,600 for Ukrainian soldiers suffering from PTSD and brain injuries.

$21,600 will provide a year’s supply of medicine for at least 40 soldiers as follows:

$1,800 — Supplies 40 soldiers with treatment for 1 month.
$540 — Support 1 soldier’s treatment for 1 year.
$270 — Support 1 soldier’s treatment for 6 months.

Contact infor:  Music Mission Kiev PO Box 161849, Altamonte Springs, FL 32716.  Phone:   407-699-7172.     

Their most recent concert recorded in late October in Kiev during the missile attacks, can be viewed here. (

Next City

My second donation is to Next City a journalistic effort to recognize  initiatives to make urban environments more livable.

Their writers focus on case studies which address some of the most important challenges of urban life.  Their Partners for the Common Good series highlights CDFI funding initiatives such as this black owned wine and jazz club in Grand Rapids, MI.

Another example is the 15 minute neighborhood app that helps anyone see if the essential services are available within  a short walk.  The app’s concept  is simple:

The ability to find what you need to live daily within a 15-minute walk is one of the “secret sauces” that make cities great places to live. That’s why I found the news that a digital mapping and location software developer created an app that could tell users whether their neighborhood cleared the bar and what they had access to in minutes so fascinating.

Next City’s mailing address is:

Next City
P.O. Box 22449
Philadelphia, PA 19110

Their focus on reporting successful examples that improve the communities  mirrors the original credit union goal of enhancing common values and individual economic opportunity through cooperatives.

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