How People in Power Make Mistakes

From Scott Galloway:

“The undoing of many powerful people is that they enter a hermetically sealed bubble of fake friends. Enablers, not people concerned with their well-being. When the Elon-Twitter debacle started this spring, I wrote a post about power.

“My thesis: Power, unchecked, is a psychological intoxicant. OK, this isn’t so much a thesis, as it’s scientifically proven. Research shows power causes us to downplay potential risk, magnify potential rewards, and act more precipitously on our instincts. In other words, you lose your ability to self-regulate; you need others to do it for you. . .”

The solution: Every day, every one of us needs to ask ourselves an important question: Who keeps it real for me? Who will push back, who will tell me I’m wrong … who will save me from myself and the psychosis that’s led to so many successful people’s fall from grace. ”

Example: Ed Callahan had Bucky Sebastian as his “wingman” in work and life.

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  1. The wisdom of those who judge the actions of others, and seem to judge wins and losses from the perspective of committee group think. I wonder if you remembered your advice here when you TOOK the power to write your comments.

    While I do believe that acting alone is often time partnered with worrisome perspectives – the projects delayed for the fear of acting without consensus alone are too often too late, too mild, and too little too safe to change the world.

    Better a mistake to correct than frozen where one stands

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