4 Replies to “A Portrait for Veteran’s Day”

  1. From a reader, Greg:

    Nothing is as heart warming as when a U.S. Navy ship returns home after deployment. The scenes on the pier are full of “welcome home” signs,
    very happy people with smiling faces, laughter, joy, and even tears.
    For most, it is a joyous time full of lasting memories. For others it can be
    overwhelming. I had one such deployment where it was like that. I had worked
    so hard and long keeping the ship running in a noisy environment. When I got
    home, it was so quiet, one could hear a pin drop. Everything at home, thanks
    to a wonderfully loving wife, was in order. I was on a wire…full of anxiety. It took
    me days to settle down. Can’t explain it. Just happened that one deployment.

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