How a Co-op Tells its Value to members

How a Co-op communicates its difference to the member-owners.   Sent by a reader and REI advocate.  It’s about values, not product, price or convenience.
REI co-op
Shared values. Not share value.
As a co-op, we put purpose before profits and act in the long-term interests of our members and community. Our Impact Report shows what we’ve done (with your support!) to help connect every person to the power of the outdoors and engage them in the fight to protect it.
Cooperative Action is how we get things done
The Cooperative Action Network adds your voice, and thousands more, to the movement for climate action, environmental stewardship and equity outdoors.
A person is carrying a kayak down a ramp
Adventure more, own less
Rent your gear from REI so you don’t have to fill your closet up with awkwardly shaped outdoor things. Some of us don’t even have closets. Not only is it a good way to try new things, but it’s also more sustainable.
Two people are walking through a forest. One person has an orange backpack on.
Grow the love, shrink the footprint
By utilizing recycled materials, Fair Trade Certified factories and bluesign®-approved fabrics for a large portion of our products, we’re taking steps to reduce our footprint.
A collage of three images. Image1: Two kayaks on a lake are filled with three people and a dog. Image 2: Three people are riding bicycles on a trail. image 3: A person is looking out at a viewpoint.
Friendly expert advice
Your go-to source for expert outdoor knowledge you can trust. All the information you need to learn new skills, choose and maintain gear, prep for your trips and have amazing adventures.


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