Two Observations: Positive Mood and the Opportunity of “Local” Scale 

A CEO’s March 2021 Comment to the Board:

“Almost daily the mood all around us is improving – not from the messages that the media and our government push on us, but from the fact that teammates announce with beaming faces that they got vaccinated, that they recognize more and more people have gotten vaccinated, and that the momentum for things to improve is local and real (not national, not a mirage of bias).”

A Thought about Future Living Environments (from: Building Back Better, You Say? It’s All About Scale) By James Howard Kunstler

“The good news is there is another way (than big city or suburban life), and it’s a better way: the traditional town, where all kinds of businesses can be integrated healthily and happily with houses and apartments; where most of the things you need from day-to-day are within a five-minute walk; and where everything is at a much more humane scale. There are thousands of towns across the USA that once formed the basis of what we considered most valuable about American life: places worth caring about, places that you could confidently call your home. Most of them are in terrible shape these days, because for most of the past century, Americans have been settling in the big cities and the suburbs. Dis-investment has been savage in small-town America.

But that is the next frontier for redevelopment and should be of special interest to New Urbanists.(and credit unions) Get in early and avoid the rush. These small towns, and even small cities, are sitting there waiting to be reactivated with much of their infrastructure intact and already properly scaled to the more austere conditions we face going forward. The renovations can be accomplished at the small scale, building lot by building lot, without requiring absurd amounts of capital.”


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