Quick Thoughts for a Monday


A leader without followers is a person out for a walk.

The Federal Government and Money

Spending is the most bipartisan activity.   Only in Washington is every question of competence reduced to a budget line item.

Members and Cooperative Democracy

The alternative to active members is  passive subjects.

Pandemics and Unmooring

Economic calamity can lead to the search for easy solutions. When unchecked by democratic norms, those in power can  default to the illusions of false prophets promising a future without uncertainty.

Revolution versus Democratic Change

Destruction is easy, persuasion is hard.

Regulatory Decisions

Choices made without options are actions lacking accountability.

Crises Are Twice Lived Through

The first time as experienced firsthand be all participants. The second time when the losses are clear, people endeavor to ask what have we learned?


The reconciliation of order and freedom; the union of individual enterprise within a community, pragmatism with idealism, creating multiples paths to a better society.

Covid-The Great Pause

When to “fast” means to go slow, recenter our purpose and continue on the journey to something better.

The Medical Community’s Wisdom

When all else fails, ask the patient.



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