Finding a “Cooperative” Summer Intern

Formed in 1968, the purpose of the North American Students of Cooperation (NASCO) is “to achieve a socially and financially responsible North American cooperative economic sector for all people and organizations interested in applying the principles and practices of cooperation.”

To further its goal of educating and organizing an emerging generation of cooperators, this non- profit 501C-3 organizes summer internships. An information webinar today, March 5 for all interested organizations to learn more. Their announcement follows.

I signed up. The link to do so is here.

Host applications are open for NASCO’s Cooperative Internship Network

NASCO’s Cooperative Internship Network is a summer internship placement program designed to connect emerging cooperative leaders with co-ops, non-profits, and solidarity economy organizations across the U.S. and Canada.

NASCO’s 50 member organizations represent over 4,000 individuals, the majority of whom are youth living in housing cooperatives. Unlike average internship applicant pools, our members are entering the workforce with a wealth of cooperative experience, advanced democratic competencies, and a deep appreciation for the cooperative model.

Through the Cooperative Internship Network, NASCO processes host and intern applications, advertises the internships, identifies potential matches, places interns with host organizations, and supports communication between hosts and interns. Hosts simply design their internship, conduct interviews, and select from a list of applicants they would consider offering a position to.

This year we are only accepting remote internships for our network in order to ensure safe working environments for all interns. All internships must provide an hourly living wage or stipend.

If you’re considering hosting an intern this summer, we welcome you to join us for an informational call on March 5 at 12:30 pm CST. This 1-hour call will open with an overview of the Internship Network, lead to anecdotes and advice gathered from participants, and will close with a brief Q&A. 

I’m Traveling to Mars

I watched the Mars rover landing live. It was exciting, joyous and uplifting.

The first messages back from the rover were just as inspiring. They will be in collections of “memorable quotes” from now on.

Rover texted: “I have found my forever home!”

And this was followed by: “Perseverance and Ingenuity will take you anywhere”–the names of the two AI vehicles which had successfully landed minutes earlier.

So I have decided to join them. Below is my boarding pass from NASA. Mars certainly seems to be a friendly neighborhood planet, especially with so much intelligence already there.

The only question is how am I going to spend my 1.1 billion frequent flyer miles?

Brother Blaine: Guided by Higher Principles and Universal Truth

From CUToday February 24, 2021: “The African-American Credit Union Coalition (AACUC) plans to induct five credit union leaders into its Hall of Fame at the Virtual Induction on March 1, 2021.

Each One a Stellar Leader

“This year’s honorees are shining examples of professional excellence.”

An Iconic Leader

The only honoree I personally know is Jim Blaine. A reflection on his selection.

The fresco artist Fra Angelico (1387-1455) was a member of the Dominican order, whence the “Fra” or “Brother.” He is a canonized saint whose feast day is celebrated on February 18.

In the leadup to Fra Angelico’s canonization, Pope John Paul II is said to have pointed to the artist’s Vatican frescoes and remarked, “Why do we need miracles? These are his miracles.”

That comment is an insightful reminder of the lasting contributions when ordinary human responsibility is given to an artist.

Jim combines the competitive discipline of a CEO with the artistry of a poet. His succinct pronouncements have the ring of truth, a rare quality in a digital era. State Employees Credit Union NC became a towering presence in his tenure as he was fully public and transparent in his motivations.

He stayed at the forefront implementing credit union purpose. His leadership demonstrated how member well-being can be the incontestable outcome of cooperative design.

An iconic leader guided by higher principles and universal truth, he eschewed contemporary fads preferring to enhance credit union legacy strengths. In that conviction, he acknowledged the needs of every soul, equally.