“Two Families”–The Strength of Cooperative Relationships

It is common to describe credit unions as family. Sometimes the description is indeed accurate as father or mother passes the profession down to sons and daughters.

But rarely would one expect a regulator, and especially the Chairman of NCUA, to embrace the concept.

On April 9, 1984, the American Banker published a story on credit unions based on an interview with the Chairman: “Callahan mans the credit union helm through the seas of deregulation.”

The article closed with this description:

Mr. Callahan, who once held three jobs at the same time and who says he is “used to hustling,” has a varied background. It includes positions as Illinois Deputy Secretary of State, a math teacher and part-time football coach, and a school principal.

He now boasts of having two families, one with over 40 million credit union members and one that includes eight children.

“Just keeping up with a family of eight has kept me running,” he jests.

Two families. That is a regulator who knew where his responsibilities were truly owed.

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