Timeless Wisdom: The Relationship between NCUA and Credit Unions

“The relationship between credit unions and the regulatory agency is one founded on mutual self-respect, and on the realization that both sides share equally in the responsibility for the survival and future development of credit unions.

It seemed as though we would never escape the attitude that the regulator knows best (but) a dramatic change has taken place in the last few years. We now have a federal regulatory agency which openly concedes that credit union people know more about running credit unions than the agency does.

The nature of the federal bureaucracy, being what it is, there will be a great amount of inertia to cause it to revert to a less creative and less cooperative approach to regulation credit unions. I would not like to see that happen.”

– Frank Wielga, CEO Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union, NCUA 1984 Annual Report, pg. 14.

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