Wisdom from the Field

When you label your peers competition and fear them as such you are on the road to simply going it alone.

My confidence comes from the fact that traditionally “competition” is defined by two players racing in the same race.

I have no competition.  For the race I am running is my own- my communities – our own reward.



2 Replies to “ Wisdom from the Field”

  1. My first book was called “Tattoos: The Ultimate Proof of a Successful Brand.” I identified 5 steps to becoming tattoo-worthy.
    1. Identify a target audience.
    2. Listen to your target.
    3. Identify the competitors FOR your target.
    4. Make them irrelevant.
    5. Be loyal to your target. (CU founders)
    Harley Davidson was a prime example. They’ve had their ups and downs for sure, but they feel they don’t have any competitors. You’re either a Harley person, or you’re not. And the tattoos! 🙂

  2. I could not have said it better than you did. This is a personal philosophy I have lived by for a long time (at least I have tried). This is not the “everyone wins” or “trophies for everyone” approach that eliminates opportunities for growth and learning. But no one has to lose for me to win, and I don’t have to lose for someone else to win. How the race is run matters just as much as who crosses the finish line first and…..success is not an indicator of righteousness. I would argue that those we help succeed is a step in that direction.

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