From the Field: A CEO’s Budget Review Message

“Later next week we will finalize the [financial] report book and publish. I wanted to send this summary out to you and the team to see the tact and our confidence about the future based on traditional thinking. Our numbers are GREAT! But not for the right reasons. 

We are doing the right things. But what are we risking in just doing the right things for now, and not the right things for the coming post-COVID future? COVID is not unprecedented, it’s just another year after year revolving pressing issue. We knock down the pressing issue of the year, every year – chaos is constant, and adjustments are forever needed.

Remember: to see COVID as simply another challenge to success is not dismissing COVID, it simply is recognizing that as cooperative business people, we have the means and the skills to endure and prosper. When you read this financial update, I hope that is what you infer between the lines. Take care, stay safe.”

The Key CEO Question: What are the right things we should be doing now for the post-COVID future?

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