From the Field: Will New Leadership Change NCUA?


(A response to What NCUA Nominee Kyle Hauptman can learn from McWatters’ NCUA Tenure)

“I’m sure you are familiar with the story of Passover. At the beginning of the Seder, the children ask the famous 4 questions. It begins with the phrase “Ma Nistanah”. Why is this night different from other nights? Among Jews, family members, we use the phrase as a question: why will this be any different? So if your wife’s mother does the same silly thing again, and you say to your wife “Ma Nishtanah”- you both get it. Sometimes the reference is more serious and that’s unfortunately what I would say about a new NCUA Board Member. Chosen by the same patronage process, using the examples of behavior of the existing board members, and being trained by the same existing staff. “Ma Nishtanah”- why should we expect anything different?”

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