From the Field: “Takes Away Choice” – One Member’s Comment on Proposed Chesterfield FCU Merger

The Board wrote in part to justify the merger:

Your Chesterfield FCU Board of Directors . . .has approved and is seeking a merger . . .It is the role of the board to look ahead and make decisions that we believe place our credit union in the best position to serve you. As we look to the future, we recognize the potential for economic challenges ahead. The last recession was very difficult for our credit union and we are not confident that we could remain well-capitalized through another economic downturn. We believe the time to take this step is now while our credit union remains financially strong.

The member responds:

I have been a member of Chesterfield F.C.U. for over 17 years. I do not support this merger and ask that all members vote against it. I have looked at the Financials for Chesterfield F.C.U. and in my opinion, the credit union is stable and is meeting its financial commitments.

It is well known that large majority of the members of Chesterfield F.C.U. can already qualify for membership at VACU due to being part of the Virginia Retirement System. This merger only takes away a choice from the current Chesterfield F.C.U. membership and future employees of Chesterfield County government and the Chesterfield County Public Schools. Less consumer choice is not a good thing. For this reason, I ask that the NCUA not approve this merger.

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