A Mother Supports Her Son in War

A letter sent to Music Mission Kiev (MMK) by a grateful Mother, Olga Alekseeva.

Thank you for your attention to my son Ivan, it is very meaningful and valuable to me. Ivan has a firm and clear civic position. Back in 2019-2021, he took my father to the shooting range organized by his fellow party members, and he took me to first aid courses. I was pleased with his perseverance, because it is better when a young guy is engaged in something socially useful than sitting in computer games. 

On February 24, 2022, on the third attempt, he got into the military commissariat – he was refused because he had no combat experience, poor eyesight (-5), and was not even on the military record.

Vanya was assigned to territorial defense. The first two months of the war in Kyiv were terrible – a curfew, shots were fired in the streets, rockets flew in Kyiv… while Vanya patrolled the city at a checkpoint. They lived in the gym on sports mats and sleeping bags – with whatever they had. 

In April 2022, they were transferred to the Chernobyl zone to dig dugouts and fortifications. They lived in abandoned houses. My friend, who has been living in America for more than 30 years, sent a sleeping bag and a thermal blanket. Vanya said that he is now so warm that he gave up the warm place by the stove to his friend.

Not long ago, Vanya wrote that his glasses broke. It is impossible to repair or buy new glasses in the forest. I mentioned this in Volodya’s office (MMK bookkeeper), and I was offered assistance for Ivan and his visually impaired colleagues. In response, MMK ordered glasses and lenses for 4 soldiers, one of whom was a chaplain. 

In April 2023, Ivan fell ill with Covid. I am grateful to God, the doctor was there and sent him to an infectious disease hospital, this was the next wave of the epidemic for soldiers. The military unit is a large gathering of people, leading to a very high chance of getting infected. I asked Serhiy if MMK could buy the medicine needed for viral infections for Ivan’s unit, because the small town they were stationed in, cannot cope with so many patients. Thank God, with the permission of the mission, we provided the military unit with the necessary medicines. 

In the past I was annoyed that Ivan spent a lot of time playing computer games, but now these skills have allowed him to control a drone. I am very proud of my son, but I am also worried for him. We had not seen each other in five months. What happiness when he stopped by home for two days recently, on the way for more training. Currently, he is studying for two weeks. Thank God I know he will be safe during this training time. 

I am very grateful to the MMK for the help it provides to our soldiers, wounded, affected refugees, for the monthly medicines for the soldiers in the hospital where I give massages, for the clothes that we provided two different times for the seriously wounded in the hospitals.

May the Lord bless everyone who helps and prays for the victory of Ukraine.



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