Friday Thoughts

Looking for deposits?

A bank takes a tactic from credit unions’ playbook:

Feb 8 (Reuters) – Bank of America has brought in $10.5 billion in deposits and investments in the last four years after making deals with companies to provide financial services to their employees, the lender said on Thursday.

On Immigration

In 2015, when the migrant and refugee influx from war-torn countries was considered of epic proportions in central Europe, one world leader stood out — German Chancellor Angela Merkel, a devout Lutheran.

During a public forum at the time, Chancellor Merkel was asked a question by a woman in the audience saying, What does that mean for us, what does that mean for our country and our identity? I’m afraid that it will mean more terrorist acts in our country by militants like ISIS.

Chancellor Merkel took a long breath before responding, and said, “Fear has never been a good advisor for us as individuals or for societies. Cultures and societies that are shaped by fear can’t grip the future.”

Effective Leadership

“Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them.”  (source unknown)

How Bureaucracy Works

I recently became involved in a restoration project of a local church first built in 1829 and  designated an historical site.   One person’s observation on getting work approvals  to preserve this property:

Once I started dealing with County personnel and permitting and approvals, I found out another truism that everyone has to remember, IF YOU ASK FOR APPROVAL in Montgomery County, usually there isn’t anyone that knows enough to answer and they will have to check.

No one wants their neck on the line and no one wants to give an approval without someone else from the county involved.


I’ve done what is mine to do, now you do what is yours to do.

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