A Valuable Library Resource from NCUA

In following up an article by David Bauman in which he referenced his FOIA request to NCUA, I was directed to  NCUA’s FOIA Library.

Under the Frequently Requested Information section was what I had asked for:  NCUA’s response to Congressman French Hill on December 14, 2023.   Other items in this section included previous multiple requests that can be accessed by just clicking on the link.

Another section of the Library was the FOIA Request Logs  which include 474 requests going back to 2019.  I scanned the requests that were open and closed for 2023 to see what information had been asked for.

The log table has the date of the request, sometimes the organization, a description of the information sought and final disposition: granted-partial or full, denied, or “no records” responsive to the request.

I have reached out to NCUA to ask if anyone can use the FOIA log number to review previous responses without having to submit a whole new request—just to learn about the agency’s response.  When the reply is received, I will add to this blog.

In the meantime here are some of the more intriguing request descriptions, all of which were filled in whole or in part.

Selected Titles In the FOIA Library from 2023

Copies of all FOIA appeal logs by year from 2010

Records sufficient to identify all employees who entered into a position at the agency as a Political Appointee since January 20, 2021, to the date this records request is processed, to include a list of enumerated parameters to include resumes and waivers.

Documents and data sufficient to account for the monthly occupancy or vacancy rates for the agency’s five largest buildings (measured by square footage) from January 1, 2020, to December 31, 2022. 

A list of federally insured credit unions with agricultural loan portfolios greater than $100 million.

The application, approval, and any attached materials from the most recent field of membership change by Thrivent Federal Credit Union, headquartered in Appleton, WI.

A copy of the charter for NBC (N.Y.) Employees Federal Credit Union, charter 22351, prior to its merger into XCEL Federal Credit Union, charter 16218. 

A list of nationally insured credit unions that have failed and/or been acquired since January 2001 to include credit union name, charter number, opening date, failure date, and acquiring institution. 

The most recent NCUA salary data.

1)The number of federal credit union mergers completed each year between 1980 to 2020; and 2) The number of active federal credit union charters each year from 1980 to 2020 (as of 12/31 or other uniform date for each year). Note: If information is not available going back to 1980, please provide information going back as far as NCUA records allow. 

A list of all credit union CEOs and volunteers as of March 31, 2023.

NCUA salary data specifically under the category of political appointee.

Quarterly lists of all credit union board members for each quarter from Q42012 through Q42022.

1)Field of membership (“FOM”) criteria and approval documentation for FirefightersFirst Federal Credit Union (“Firefighters”); 2) Firefighters’ application and documents related to add “employees of non-profit foundations authorized by their organizing documents to be for the benefit and support of firefighters” (“Foundation”) to its FOM; 3) OGC’s legal opinion and analysis that supports the addition of the Foundation to Firefighters’ FOM; 4) CURE’s office summary that supports the addition of the Foundation to Firefighters’ FOM; 5) CURE’s approval letter and GENISIS worksheets reflecting approval of the Foundation to Firefighters’ FOM. 

Entire consumer complaint file from 2013.

An Important Resource

This is a partial 2023 listing.  In addition to some interesting reading, it also shows the agency as a resource for names of CEO’s and volunteers (including even CUNA and NAFCU) and for credit union data or other files going back years.

There might even be some valuable credit union press stories in following up some of these past requests.


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