The Cooperative Advantage

Cooperatives Are Unique

“The first word in credit unions always has to be MEMBER.  The second word has to be COOPERATION.

“We are a cooperative movement.  Credit unions are co-ops.  People join, agreeing to cooperative to better one another’s lives.   They pledge themselves to cooperation.

“We have seen what this spirit has done for us in the past.  From fragile, tiny groups of people a hundred years ago pledging to themselves they would save and borrow from from one another in a spirit of helpfulness to a movement of 90 million Americans and $700 billion in assets. That is the power of helpfulness and cooperation.”  (pgs. 58-59)

NoteThe Coach’s Playbook is a collection of the thoughts of Ed Callahan from his thirty years working a multiple levels including CEO of Patelco Credit Union and Chairman of NCUA (1981-1985).

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