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VyStar’s Challenges: Continuing to Expand in Georgia

Both CU Today and Credit Union Times report that VyStar has called off its $195.7  million purchase of Heritage Southeast Banking Corporation, a holding company for three local banks located outside Atlanta.

The local TV station NEWS4JAX covering the story included the following quote from CEO Brian Wolfburg :  “Following a thorough evaluation of the transaction between VyStar and HSBI, we have mutually agreed that moving forward separately is the prudent decision. VyStar will continue to expand our services in Georgia.”

This Georgia expansion seems tone deaf to the concerns of members in the credit union’s legacy Jacksonville market.  This recovery challenge appears greater than a botched conversion.

There are dozens of comments posted after every NEWS4Jax story:

Mark 2 HRS AGO

It seems that Vystar management made a poor decision with NYMBUS and are having to force it down members (co-owners) throats, regardless of the inconvenience and future inadequacies of software capabilities. The NYMBUS salesperson probably made bundle of commission off of this sales job to Vystar.

BigSwifty500 21 HRS AGO

This story is worthless and full of non-truths. The login page still says it is “temporarily unavailable”. Time to move my accounts elsewhere.

B coffey 2 DAYS AGO

N Y M B U S….this is the name of the company vystar is sharing “relations” with. They performed, designed this mess. Both companies share Board members. Nymbus  is even located in their (Vystars) building in Jax. Vystar is listed as a Nymbus investor. Starting to see a forming problem here?????

john marshall 2 DAYS AGO

This “upgrade” (that isn’t one) ought to be called Wolfburg’s Folly!


Translation: “We know a dumpster fire when we see one and we know to run the other way. Sincerely, HSBI”


Glad I switched to Community First CU


Crypto Crash: The Selloff in Crypto Assets Resumes (CNBD Disrupter article, June 16)

Bitcoin fell again today as a sell-off in global risk assets resumed, with crypto investors reeling from a dramatic plunge over the last few days that saw the world’s largest cryptocurrency almost drop below $20,000. . .  

Bitcoin is sitting at levels not seen since late 2020. The digital currency is down more than 20% in the last week and has dropped more than 60% from its all-time high in November. . 

The current bear market is often dubbed a new “crypto winter”.  . .


“Good Angel-Bad Angel”-The House Hearings on January 6th Insurrection

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