California Dreamin

Just spent four days in California at my granddaughter’s graduation from Claremont McKenna College (CMC).   Some observations from the trip.

  • The governor announced that California will have the largest budget surplus of any state ever. Over $100 billion.
  • Air and water now cost $2 minimum

  • Debit versus credit. You decide.  You pay the exchange fee now for card points!

  • The Search for Employees by recruiting customers. In addition to the signs outside firms such as Wendy’s Now Hiring, there are numerous efforts to reach out to a firm’s customers.

On the TV screen on my flight was the headline, Captain Your Career.  It was an invitation to train to become a pilot for United Airlines.  The website explains that: We intend to hire more than 10,000 pilots in the next decade and have the largest fleet of wide body aircraft in North America, offering you exciting opportunities to advance.

And on my fast food receipt:

  • The next generation’s college thesis topics. Each graduate of CMC writes a senior thesis.  Here are some of the titles:

Which consumers are driving electronic vehicles; An analysis between EV adoption and individual characteristics.

Does H1-B Visa restrictions hinder American innovation?

Moral Hazard in Monetary Policy:  Assessing the Impact of Federal Reserve actions on asset returns during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The impact of merger and acquisition on the United States Video Game industry.

Potential for electoral success and the future of the Republican party.

The effects of CFO gender on earnings quality and financial risk.  

And so forth for over 300 submissions.  Makes one feel behind the learning curve.  One topic I thought might have relevance for credit unions and their regulator:  A Paradoxical relationship: US Government authority and the American people.

  • A green Uber option. A Tesla, EV option to reduce pollution is offered.   The driver said he leased the Tesla for a week at a time for around $330 under a special Hertz-Tesla agreement.  Applicants go online.  When he showed up there were at least 30 other drivers waiting to pick up cars under the plan.   One way to recruit more drivers (provide the auto) and create a positive public image.
  • The reason for traveling-Mom and graduate.



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