April 7, 2020, Wall Street Journal, (pg. B 12)  Fed Could Set Off a Lengthy Tantrum

Sub head: This time with quantitative tightening, the central bank may not give in so easily to market protests


May 18, 2020, Wall Street Journal (pg. B 1) Virus Deals Credit Unions a Losing Hand

“Almost a third of the nation’s 5,200-plus credit unions are tied to a single employer, industry or other association. . .” The two credit unions chosen to illustrate the story’s theme were WestStar Credit Union in Las Vegas, Nevada and Endurance FCU in Duncan, Oklahoma.  The entire credit union system and these two all are doing well two years later.


October 6, 2021, Washington Post, Fear Sells.  It’s our Job not to give in to it.  by David von Drehle

“A healthy society is not a society without problems, because no society has ever been without problems. A healthy society is one that faces problems without fear because its people have courage–and their courage raises courageous leaders.”

Enough said.

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