Ukraine: When Words Fail, Music Carries Us Through (view in browser)

The first performance of the Ukrainian National Anthem (September 1990):


A performance by the Metropolitan Opera of the Ukraine’s Anthem (February 2022).  The sole singer without music, hand on heart, is Ukrainian.


Nay, thou art not dead, Ukraine, see, thy glory’s born again,
And the skies, O brethren, upon us smile once more!
As in Springtime melts the snow, so shall melt away the foe,
And we shall be masters in our own home.

Soul and body, yea, our all, offer we at freedom’s call
We, whose forebears, and ourselves, proud Cossacks are!


Lenard Cohen’s Hallelujah lyrics for Ukraine:


From the US Air Force Band and Singing Sergeants with a Prayer for Ukraine (March 2022)


A prayer for Ukraine, February 2022, by the Staats und Domchor Berlin


From a world wide, online choir, Donna Nobis Pacem on March 2, 2022


This March 2022 video from  high school teenagers in Europe.



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