Words for the Beginning of School

I received a copy of an email sent to the parents of their son just entering college.  He hopes to compete in rowing at a high level.  The “coach” sent all team members’ parents  a message about his philosophy.

The college experience is more than sports and academics.  It is preparation for life. As implied in the  comment below, there will be ups and downs; mistakes and consequences.

Credit unions often offer financial “coaching.”  How is this interaction presented?   Conditionally-do this and we will give you a loan? Programmatically-follow these rules and you will be financially better off?

Or, we’re in this together.  We both want to succeed at a high level.  And when we don’t achieve what we aspire to, let’s pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and try again.

Academics and sports.  Motivations for life, not just college. Here’s the message.

Coach and Life Philosophy:  Though it is not explicitly written in a coach’s job description, we’ve been tasked to make fast boats and to develop the future gutsy citizens of our world. To this end, the coaches will challenge your sons and daughters to grow and evolve as young people at a top educational institution. We will pull/push them towards success in everything they do – motivating and inspiring them to accomplish well beyond their own scripted potential.  We do this both on and off the water and we are committed to providing the tools to succeed in all aspects of this unique student-athlete experience.  And yes, even top student-athletes with character can and will make poor choices every now and again with respects to academics and behavior. I can assure you, we will be there for them and they, in turn, are expected to pull up their boots straps, make changes and embrace any consequences.

If you are curious which college sent this, it is the first land-grant college in New York State.

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