Early Views from McWatters All Credit Unions Would Still Echo

In an October 6, 2015 CU Times op ed, then new board member McWatters presented his approach to credit union regulation. He resigned his board seat last Friday. Below are selected verbatim excerpts of his original policy priorities that I believe should stand the test of time and party.

Credit unions are best served by having a regulator that understands the not-for-profit, cooperative business model. . .

Rick Based Capital Rule

Last week, by a bipartisan margin of 50-9, the House Financial Services Committee sent an undeniable message to the NCUA: Take more time to review the law, assess the need for additional regulation, evaluate alternatives and consider the real impact now and into the future before moving ahead with the Risk-Based Capital 2 final rule.

This is a message I welcomed and championed in my written dissent (available on the agency’s website) to the issuance by the agency of its proposed RBC2 rule last January as contrary to a plain reading of the Federal Credit Union Act.

Regulatory Burden

I think the agency would do well to heed this message for other major regulatory issues as well, most notably how the agency deals with the growing regulatory burden confronting credit unions, particularly small credit unions. The increasing number, scope and costs associated with regulatory requirements, not just from the NCUA but from all agencies, that credit unions must manage is a concern that the NCUA must take more seriously and devote more resources toward addressing in a meaningful way. , ,

Fraud Losses Cost to NCUSIF

We should also more rigorously address the dramatic losses, year in and year out, to the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund caused by fraudulent activity committed by a limited number of bad actors within the credit union community. . .

Editorial note: All these issues are still live in the industry today.

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