One Credit Union Blog Ends: Another Enters Stage

Friday, July 31 was the final post for Dr. Keith Leggett, who was an economist at the American Bankers Association.

From June 2009 thru last week, he wrote over 11,000 entries. He never joined a credit union. He was an industry skeptic who often highlighted bankers’ concerns with the industry. Most of his columns were reprints of stories or events which he believed justified his disbelief in the cooperative model.

His point of view will be missed. Credit unions value relationships and are reluctant to challenge the errant behaviors of their own. And without critics, a show can get off track so that it becomes too late for the audience to save it.

A New-Old Kid on the Credit Union Beat

Last week I read a new blogger’s article about the ongoing fate of the taxi medallion borrowers whose loans NCUA sold to a private hedge fund, Marblegate Asset Management.

The story was written by David Baumann, a reporter for Credit Union Times who had been recently laid off due to COVI . Using his knowledge and contacts in the industry, he started a blog to produce original stories:

He focuses on events in DC that could affect credit unions. He does his own leg work with interviews and follow ups.

His approach could provide new insights over the next year as the prospect of wholesale political change looms over the country and with it, at Congress and NCUA.

The blog is well designed, latest stories up front, with searchable “topics” of past articles. It’s free. I signed up.

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