“I Won’t Die of Old Age”

These words are hand written on placards at a public demonstration. They are carried by children concerned about the future of the planet. Children crying out for our attention to confront the growing environmental crisis.

When our first child was born, I promised my wife that I would share the nighttime feeding duties. Every morning I would wake up and she would ask, didn’t you hear Lara crying? I had slept soundly; it was her mother who responded to the crying and got up. An event I seemed incapable of hearing.

Today children are crying out to the adults in the room about the most urgent crisis they perceive in their young lives. They are not encumbered by comfort and fruits of success. They bring a future perspective not clouded by present accomplishments.

They have become the salt of the earth and a light for many adults “in the room” but will we hear their call?

P.s. Have you ever wondered what your “carbon footprint” is?

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